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Dear Parents

We will be uploading our new school website over the next 48 hours. Please push your refresh button in case the old one has been cached in the memory of your device if you visit on the morning of 21 September 2018, when the new one will be published. We do apologise for the delay but there is a huge amount of information that we are copying over to the new site. It has taken much, much longer than anticipated. Thank you for your support!




Woodstock Library Annual Reading Competition - Well done to our learners for winning the trophy!


Dream Big, Aim High and Make a Difference!



Have you downloaded the

D6 School Communicator App?




Have you listed MOUNTAIN ROAD PRIMARY as

your beneficiary on your My School card?

Apply here https://www.myschool.co.za/supporter/apply/



Please send all paper and glass to school for recycling.

You can also drop off your paper and glass at our

recycling igloos at the Mountain Road gate.

We are also recycling grey water (bath water).

This water is used to water our trees.


Events Calendar



Mountain Road, Woodstock


+27 21 447 5246


0867 18 13 18

Email: admin@mountainroadschool.co.za

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